The Blackest of Fridays

It was Sam Stone who stood over the mound of Jewish corpses. Last man standing.

3 hours earlier…

Sam Stone was walking to Currys PC World to buy some items for Black Friday. He wanted a speaker, a TV, a GPU and a smart fridge. Sam Stone had been saving up all week for these items and couldn’t wait to get them.

Sam Stone entered the Currys PC world and straight away saw a deal for speakers so he put one in his basket. He saw a young girl who worked there so he clicked his fingers and pointed to his feet. She looked at him in terror and obeyed his command. “WHAT IS YOUR NAME” Sam Stone bellowed. “April” the girl said timidly. “I WOULD LIKE A TV, GPU, AND SMART FRIDGE WALK WITH ME”.

April led Sam Stone to the TV section and Sam Stone pointed at the biggest one and said “I WANT THAT ONE”. April feeling more confident clicked her fingers and pointed at her feet and John the cuck employee arrived to carry the TV.

April took Sam Stone to the GPU section. He looked at her and put a 3090 into his bag and said “I’M NOT PAYING FOR THIS” April nodded and then led him to the smart fridge section. This section was empty…

Sam Stone was furious. He spotted a group of Jews with the smart fridges so he ran over to them and pulled out a samurai sword and sliced the little Jewish girl in half. He looked at April then gave her a machete and she buried it into a Jewish mans head. They both steamed through the crowd of Jews cutting off limbs and slashing at throats.

Once the bloodbath finished, April realised what she just did and in digust, stabbed herself. Sam Stone stood over the mound of Jewish corpses. Last man standing. He summoned cuck employee John and took the best smart fridge and left with his speaker tv gpu and smart fridge.

It truly was the blackest of Fridays