Thu 22 Jul 2021: Been back at work since Tuesday and it’s been dead so far except for today when I scammed Curo out of their password which was fun. Also today is the day Smith Rowe got the no.10 for Arsenal. That’s pretty cool. This weekend I’m getting on it wheey 🤙🍺 Elliot’s going to America for a few years in August so gonna have some early farewell drinks. Then off to Bedford on Saturday for a Gurkha curry then Hartford area Sunday for a Sunday roast. ✌️ 

Tue 13 Jul 2021: Need to make sure I leave the house tomorrow. Off work for the week because of a corona outbreak at work and all i’ve done so far is sit around the house and occasionally play fifa. Should add I tested negative, we all good here. Oh and Arsenal lost 2-1 to Hibernian haha tbf one of their goals was offside and we got a pen where the keeper came off his line but it’s a friendly so who cares.

Mon 12 Jul 2021: It’s Mums bday today she got a bit funny that I didn’t wrap her presents with paper but with plastic bags. Seems a bit dumb if you ask me. Saving the planet aren’t I. Can reuse the bags for shopping. 🌎

Sun 11 Jul 2021: Today was the Euros final England vs Italy. Shaw scored in the 2nd min and then we tried to hold that lead but conceded after a scrappy corner in the 66th minute (ironic). It went to penalties and Italy missed the first. Kane scored, then Italy did, then Maguire did, then Italy did, then Rashford missed. Then italy scored, then Sancho missed, Then Pickford saved Jorginho’s and if we missed again Italy would win. Who was it who was ballsy enough to step up? Only Bukayo Saka. I could barely watch as he ran up and shot. Donnarumma saved it though and in that moment my heart shattered. Not for the loss but for Saka who looked so devastated. The amount of racist abuse he, rashford, and sancho will receive now is sickening to imagine. Time will heal all though.

Sat 10 Jul 2021: Start of diary.